Looking for a tradesman, caterer or cleaner? Don't just find one - Find A Good One!

Welcome to my web site.

Hello, My name's Rob and I started this web site because of the nightmare I had trying to find someone to fix my central heating boiler.

The tradesman I eventually got was unreliable and did a terrible job. I was left tearing my hair out after being ripped off by a cowboy tradesman - and not for the first time either. What's more nearly everyone I spoke to had similar tales to tell.

Eventually it dawned on me that my 20 plus years of programming experience put me in the perfect position to help people find good tradesmen. And so with advice from a few tradesmen and a bit of technical wizardry from me, FindAGoodOne.com was born. I hope you find it useful.

Yours, Rob Elmour.
            (Website owner.)

Good Tradesmen Are Harder To Find Than Hens Teeth....

Every householder knows that. If you need a builder, decorator, plumber or whatever and you're not lucky enough to have someone you trust to recommend a good tradesman, you'll end up picking one at random from the phone book or the classified ads, risking an encounter with a cowboy. It's a real headache.

Take the worry out of finding a tradesman...

With FindAGoodOne.com you're in control. You get the information you need to decide which tradesman you want. You'll find feedback left by others so you can be confident that the one you choose will be a good one. It's like finding a good tradesman by word of mouth only much better. Cowboy tradesmen avoid this site like the plague because they don't want their tricks made public for all to see.

...Find exactly the right one for the job...

You're only shown genuinely local tradesmen and the sophisticated yet easy to use search engine can narrow the results down even further for you based on exactly what you want from your tradesman, so you don't waste time on anyone who won't tackle the kind of job you need doing.

...and they phone you...

Once you've chosen your tradesmen, you can ask the website to do all that tedious ringing 'round for you if you want. Details of your job can be passed on to the tradesmen free of charge by text message and e-mail. Then they contact you to make arrangements.

...or you phone them.

Of course, you're still free to contact them yourself if you like. You're in control after all!

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